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Topical Vs. Evergreen Content: Both Can Boost Traffic – Jim DePalma

Topical Vs. Evergreen Content: Both Can Boost Traffic - Jim DePalma

As a business, having the most effective digital media techniques can be vital in helping you gain more traffic and expand your reach. With so many different aspects of content to consider, it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to decide what works best for your needs. One technique that many businesses are finding success with is the strategic use of both topical and evergreen content — two types of content that involve vastly different approaches but which, when used correctly, can both help boost overall website traffic significantly. In this blog post, Jim DePalma discusses what makes each type special as well as how they can work together to benefit your company.

Jim DePalma On Topical Vs. Evergreen Content: Both Can Boost Traffic

When it comes to content marketing, there are two main types of content that businesses can use to boost website traffic: topical and evergreen.

According to Jim DePalma, topical content refers to posts that are timely and focus on topics that are popular in the news or trending in a certain industry. This type of content is great for quickly capturing attention as it allows businesses to join conversations already happening around them. However, this type of content typically has a short shelf life since it’s based on topics that will eventually fall out of trend.

On the other hand, evergreen content is focused on timeless topics and offers readers valuable information long after its initial publication date. Although this type of content may not be as flashy as topical posts, evergreen content can be used to capture organic traffic from search engines and build a stronger relationship with readers.

In order for businesses to maximize the value of both types of content, it is important that they have a strategy in place that allows them to plan out when topical posts will be published as well as when evergreen posts should be updated or republished. This helps ensure that businesses are consistently providing their audience with fresh content while also having long-term goals in mind.

Overall, both topical and evergreen content can help boost website traffic if businesses use them strategically, says Jim DePalma. Topical content comes with the advantage of quickly capturing attention, while evergreen content can produce long-term benefits such as higher search engine rankings and an engaged audience. By combining both types of content, businesses can maximize their reach and build a stronger presence online.

Jim DePalma’s Concluding Thoughts

As you can see, there are benefits to both types of content. Each has its own place in your traffic-boosting strategy. Jim DePalma recommends using topical content to stay current, engage with trends, and generate buzz. Then use evergreen content to keep people coming back for more. Or, if you have a time-sensitive message that needs to get out there quickly, go ahead and write a topical post. But if you want your article to maintain its relevancy (and therefore keep boosting your traffic) for months or even years down the road, opt for an evergreen piece instead.